Rock Candy Sticks

Rock Candy Sticks are a classic! Super fun science experiment to make with the kids for a birthday party, gift, or event! This version is pastel-coloured and flavoured with grenadine, cassis, blueberry, and elderflower syrup.

Rock Candy Sticks are a fantastic activity to make with the kids, between a cooking and science experiment; the kiddos will enjoy looking at the crystals growing bigger every day. Plus, the result is divine! It has a natural flavour to keep each stick unique and fun! Perfect for a kid’s birthday or event! Plus, they will bring back Papa and Mama to their childhood! Have fun making these homemade pastel lollipops with the kids to create memories and knowledge!


These rock candies, sugar candy or crystal sugar have a long history! They probably returned to Sanskrit times around the Middle East a few centuries ago. It spread through the Arab world, India, China, and Europe. It’s still used in traditional tea service cultures worldwide, like North East Germany, Iran, India, etc. In Mexico, they make crystal skulls with this method for The Day of the Dead on the 1st of November and give them to kids to protect them and as an offering at the altar of the departed.

Rock Candy Sticks

Kid-Friendly Science Experiment

These colourful lollies are a fun experiment with the kids, although be careful! NOT TO LET THEM MANIPULATE THE HOT SYRUP. They can do the colour mixing and stick manipulations if they are old enough, but cover them before making this recipe. If someone drops a glass, long pants, shirts, and closed shoes will go a long way.


You have the flexibility to conduct the same experiment using a string to create a beautiful crystal necklace. I’ve bought small skewers for this recipe, but you could use any skewers and break them into two if they are too long. Additionally, you can opt for either white or brown sugar. Similarly, using food colouring is entirely up to you, and you can choose the flavoured syrup of your preference, whether homemade or store-bought.

The Technique

Ratio 3:1

You’ll need to add a 3:1 ratio of sugar to water, which means one cup of water for 3 cups of sugar! Yes, it’s a lot; you must saturate the water with sugar to create this crystallization on the stick. To incorporate so much sugar in so little water, you’ll need to bring the water to a boil, then add the sugar a small amount at a time until all is dissolved.

Then, stick your skewers in the syrup, then sugar, and let them dry. This is an important step that will start the process of crystallization! It is essential to wait about 45 minutes until the sugar gets hard on the stick before adding it to the syrup.

No Touching

To succeed with this rock candy recipe, the sticks mustn’t touch the sides or bottom of the glass or each other to prevent them from sticking to the glass of each other. It’s normal to observe light crystallization on the top of the glass; you can break it with a spoon before removing the Sticks to avoid any difficulties.

A Patience Lesson


Let the glasses rest in a calm place without much air movement. Once it starts to rest, it will take about a week to form all of the Rock Candy Sticks, sometimes faster. You can look but no touching of the glasses. This will be a lovely lesson about patience for the kids, looking each day at their yummy Rock Candy Sticks growing bigger and bigger.

Overall, the recipe is super simple and fun but needs to be supervised if done with kids.


You can keep these indefinitely on the shelf; it’s modified sugar only! Preferably cover them up to prevent dust build-up and loss of shine. If you find them not as shiny, simply dip them in water to rinse and dry them before use.

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Rock Candy sticks

Rock Candy Sticks

Rock candy sticks are a delightful treat that brings back memories of childhood. Making them at home is fun and allows you to customize the flavours and colours according to your taste.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
resting time: 7 days
Total Time: 15 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Other, World
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Servings: 8 sticks
Author: Marie Breton


  • wooden lollipop sticks or skewers
  • long glasses or mason jars
  • clothespins


  • 250 ml water
  • 1200 g sugar
  • 1 tbsp fruit syrup of your choice grenadine, blueberry, elderflower, black currant, etc.
  • 3 drops food colorant


  • Prepare the material: find the food colourant you'll need with each syrup you choose, and take out the wooden sticks and glass recipients you'll use.
  • Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan, then add the sugar while stirring constantly. Once it's translucent again, add more sugar until no more.
  • Dip each wooden stick halfway into the simple syrup, then into the raw sugar and let it dry until hard (about an hour).
  • Add the syrup carefully to thick glasses or mason jars; add a tablespoon of flavoured syrup and three drops of food colourant in each glass.
  • Once the sugar has hardened on the wooden sticks, install them with the help of a cloth pin (peg) in each glass. Be careful not to touch the bottom or sides of the glass.
  • Let the crystallization happen over 5 to 7 days.
  • Once you like the size of your Rock Candy Sticks, take them out and let them dry horizontally before serving.



  • There’s no need for a candy thermometer; as long as you boil, it’s hot enough.
  • If you desire a more vibrant colour, add double the amount of colourant.
  • Keep it in a closed container for special occasions to prevent dust build-up.
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