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Marie Pierre Breton

Hi there,


I’m Marie, a French-Canadian Mom of two amazing kids (one is a picky eater and the other a glutton). I’ve always loved food and cooking, sharpening my culinary skills at Hofmann’s culinary school in Barcelona. Afterwards, I started a food blog called “The FoodOlic recipes” , which is directed more towards adults.


I have been spending time traveling the globe before settling in Barcelona, Spain with my husband. As much as we love our international life and our multicultural circle of friends, it can be incredibly challenging raising a young family away from our family networks in our home countries.


One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced, hands-down, is the battle to find food that suits four very different palates and provides nutrition for our growing family. At the same time, I’ve stopped creating new recipes for my food blog and simply became a robot, doing the same few recipes over and over again… I wasn’t the only one, my circle of mama friends also had this same problem… a lack of inspiration… a lack of time and a lack of patience. So I’ve started to collect ideas from friends and experiment (not always successfully!) and use my kids as guinea pigs. As a way to support other parents with fussy food eaters, I’ve ended up with a whole lot of exciting and easy recipes for you here – on the Little Nomads website.


I’d love to hear your feedback on any of the recipes you try. Each recipe has ingredients in Imperial and Metric measures, alternatives and specifications for special diets and/or allergies.


Let’s make those bellies full, happy and most of all healthy!


Marie Breton

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